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Jeremy Voorhis, Senior Engineer at AppFog

Jeremy Voorhis

Biography: Jeremy Voorhis

Jeremy Voorhis leads development of AppFog, AppFog Inc's multi-language, multi-IaaS platform as a service (PaaS) product. In his role as Senior Engineer, Jeremy ensures that AppFog's products make developers' applications easy to deploy. His passion for diverse programming languages and dead simple interfaces is eclipsed only by his love of music. Having played piano all his life, Jeremy is an avid musician and open source hacker in his spare time. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Presentation: PaaS - present and future (panel)

Track: PaaS - Practical Cloud Computing for Developers / Time: Thursday 13:50 - 14:50 / Location: Westminster

This panel brings together both users and providers of public and private PaaS solutions for a wide range of programming language ecosystems. The panel will explore the state of PaaS today. The panelists will describe their experiences developing and consuming PaaS offerings. You will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of PaaS and where the technology is heading.

Presentation: Building a PaaS by Extending Cloud Foundry

Track: PaaS - Practical Cloud Computing for Developers / Time: Thursday 15:20 - 16:20 / Location: Westminster

PaaS is composed of many systems that work together. In this talk, you will learn about the Cloud Foundry extension points, and how AppFog built a PHP PaaS using Cloud Foundry. We'll also explore simple plan and pricing, IaaS provider choices like AWS, OpenStack and Joyent, and innovations like Github and DropBox.