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Karl Krukow, Clojure hacker

Karl Krukow

Biography: Karl Krukow

Karl Krukow works as a software pilot at Trifork. He graduated as a PhD student from University of Aarhus in 2006 with a thesis that was mostly theoretical computer science. He has worked with JavaScript for more than 5 years, consulting, teaching and programming, and has extensive experience with the Ext JS JavaScript framework. His current professional passion is the Clojure programming language due to its "immense depth, beauty and it making a significant contribution to simplifying programming – all while remaining practical." Karl has started started a number of open source projects (like clj-ds and stomple) and often writes technical articles about JavaScript, Clojure and Ruby on his blog.

Twitter: @karlkrukow
Blog: http://blog.higher-order.net

Presentation: Calabash, an open-source automated testing technology for native mobile

Track: Architectures for Mobile / Time: Friday 15:20 - 16:20 / Location: Westminster

Mobile developers are now facing the problems that have been facing web developers for many years: platform fragmentation. In mobile, it consists supporting the many phone and tablet models, combined with operating systems, versions and even languages. The road to higher quality is good test coverage, which is repetitive and takes up many resources.

Calabash is an open source technology for automated functional (or "GUI") testing of Android and iOS apps. Calabash combines advanced automation technology for Android and iOS with the Cucumber tool. Developers or QA staff can write executable tests that closely match the use cases for the app. Tests are written in a natural language close to the application business domain, and the cucumber tool can execute those tests on Android or iOS devices or simulators. Tests consist of three types of steps: actions (touching, swiping, entering text etc), assertions (e.g., I should see a "Login" button) and screenshots (which take screenshots of the application at that point).

This talk will introduce Calabash and LessPainful, which provides test execution as a service. LessPainful provides hosted, cloud-based execution of Calabash tests that run concurrently on many physical, non-jailbroken devices running various languages and operating system versions. The talk will focus on iOS, and compare the architecture of Calabash with other test automation options like UIAutomation, Frank and Zucchini.