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Presentation: "Garbage Collection - The Useful Parts"

Track: The Java Developer Track / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Churchill Auditorium

This presentation will give the busy Java/JVM developer an overview of how Garbage Collection (GC) works in the JVM and the common collectors that are used. I'll also cover how to read and interpret the scary GC log format and most importantly, offer strategies to deal with badly behaving memory characteristics such as Premature Promotion, high pause times and of course the dreaded OutOfMemoryError (OOME!).

Who Should Attend: Any Java/JVM developer or ops person who wants to learn about the deep dark secrets of the JVM's GC sub system.

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Martijn Verburg, CTO of jClarity

Martijn Verburg

Biography: Martijn Verburg

Martijn is the CTO of jClarity and has over 12 years experience as a technology professional and OSS mentor in a variety of environments from start-ups to large enterprises. He is the co-leader of the London Java Community (~3000 developers) and leads the global effort for the Java User Group's "Adopt a JSR" and "Adopt OpenJDK" programmes. He was recognised by his peers as a Java Champion in 2012 for his services to the Java community.

Martijn's book "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" (with Ben Evans) was published by Manning in 2012.

As a leading expert on technical team optimisation, his talks and presentations are in high demand by major conferences (JavaOne, Devoxx, OSCON, FOSDEM, QCon, etc). Often you'll find him challenging the industry status quo in his alter ego "The Diabolical Developer".

Twitter: @karianna