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Presentation: "Inside Lanyrd's Architecture"

Track: Architectures of the Small & Beautiful / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Fleming Room

From humble beginnings on a Moroccan holiday in 2010, Lanyrd has gained complexity, many new features, and a lot of users. Learn how we grew our stack, the new technologies we tried (and sometimes ignored), some of the clever tricks you can pull as a content-heavy site, and some of the things we'd do differently if we could start afresh - as well as how a small team and rapid deployment helps us quickly adapt to any new problem we face.

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Andrew Godwin, Writing shiny things for Lanyrd

Andrew Godwin

Biography: Andrew Godwin

A web developer, systems administrator and technical architect, Andrew is a developer at Lanyrd as well as a core committer on the Django web framework and specialises in databases and visualisation. He is also a private pilot and archer in his spare time.

Twitter: @andrewgodwin