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Presentation: "Racing Thru the Last Mile: Cloud Delivery & Web-Scale Deployment"

Track: Building for Clouds / Time: Wednesday 15:40 - 16:30 / Location: Mountbatten Room

Explosive growth; millions of users; global 24/7 usage -- it's a dream wished by many and a nightmare experienced by few. It's the Web-Scale, and it's redefining how we create and deliver software. Changes to web-Scale applications must be error-free and have no down-time... unless you want to face a mob of angry, demanding users and an even angrier mob of managers and investors.
In this talk, we'll discuss various deployment strategies, scalable delivery, and how a few real-world Web-Scale organizations do it, from AllRecipes.com to Twitter, and even Google.

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Alex Papadimoulis, Partner at Inedo and Editor of The Daily WTF

Alex Papadimoulis

Biography: Alex Papadimoulis

Alex is speaker and writer who's passionate about looking beyond the code to build great software. In addition to founding Inedo - the makers of BuildMaster, the popular DevOps platform - Alex also started The Daily WTF, a fun site dedicated to building software the wrong way

Twitter: @apapadimoulis