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Chris Molozian, Software Engineer at Basho

Chris Molozian

Biography: Chris Molozian

Chris Molozian is a Client Services Engineer at Basho Technologies. He works closely with customers to build solutions with Riak, the open-source distributed database. Prior to working at Basho, he helped develop broker-neutral trading platforms for the Option/Equity markets and numerous software tools to interact with financial data.

Presentation: Moderated NoSQL Panel

Track: NoSQL Solutions Track / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Westminster Suite

Presentation: Eventual Consistency in the Real World

Track: NoSQL Solutions Track / Time: Wednesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Westminster Suite

As developers, there is a demand for us to build scalable applications that are always on and resistant to failure. If we're lazy or uninformed, we'll push this problem to the people responsible for operations (even if it's ourselves) and that it will come back to bite us. We must make decisions upfront in development on how we are going to model and store the data we produce from our web applications.

The tradeoff of having an highly available, scalable, fault tolerant system requires us to think differently about modeling and presenting our data to our users. The compromise for availability is known as "eventual consistency" and it can be intimidating. Chris Molozian will talk about how we already deal with eventual consistency in the real world, how eventual consistency is resolved in web applications, and how it is our responsibility as developers to encode the world we live in.