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Presentation: "Do not Block Threads! A Blessing in Disguise or a Curse?"

Track: Reactive Programming - Tackling the Async Challenge / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Elizabeth Windsor

If your runtime doesn't support lightweight threads and your app has lot's of IO calls, then you are probably facing the famous "don't block threads!" advice. In this talk we will see how this simple statement leads to much more ceremony and complexity for managing this unfortunate state of affairs. We'll see how different tools like Futures and Iteratees (and co) provide solutions to get this complexity a bit more manageable.

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Sadek Drobi, CTO of Zenexity

Sadek Drobi

Biography: Sadek Drobi

Sadek is a software engineer specialized in bridging the gap between the problem domain and the solution domain. As a core Play developer and Play2 co-creator, he works on the design and implementation of the framework.

Twitter: @sadache
Blog: sadache.tumblr.com