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Presentation: "Fault Tolerance Made Easy - A Head-start to Resilient Software Design"

Track: Stayin' Alive - Tales of Resilience, Fault Tolerance & Recovery / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Whittle Room

Agile taught us to focus on business value - which is important. Clean code taught us to write understandable and maintainable code - which is also important. But it all does not help at all if the application does not run reliably in production, because only an up-and-running application can satisfy customers and create business value.

This is the domain of resilient software design: How can I design and implement an application in a way that it will still run reliably in the face of (unexpected) load and error conditions?

Based on real-life examples you will learn several easy to implement resilient software design patterns in this session, when to use them and how to actually implement them - code included. You will also learn options to extend and improve those patterns in order to make your application more robust step by step. Achieve the next level after agile and clean code: Become a resilient software developer!

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Uwe Friedrichsen, Fellow at codecentric

Uwe Friedrichsen

Biography: Uwe Friedrichsen

Uwe Friedrichsen travels the IT world for many years. As a fellow of codecentric AG he can live out his curiosity about new ideas and concepts as well as his joy at outside-the-box thinking. His current focus areas are distributed, highly scalable systems and architecture in post-agile environments. Often, you can find him on conferences sharing his ideas, or as author of articles, blog posts, tweets and more.

Twitter: @ufried