Lessons from Leading the Serverless First Journey at CapitalOne

Going serverless? Worried about challenges with performance, cost, and scale? At CapitalOne, we embraced a serverless first mentality across thousands of applications live today. This talk covers our journey into serverless. We’ll dive into the architecture patterns and best practices that we’ve optimized to run serverless at scale. You will learn how to optimize Lambda and many of its common integrations for cost and performance. Finally, you’ll learn the top best practices and things to avoid when designing serverless architectures.


George Mao

Senior Distinguished Engineer @Capital One Leading All Things Serverless, Ex-AWS WW Serverless Tech Lead

George is a Senior Distinguished Engineer at Capital One. He is the Lead DE for Capital One's Serverless strategy and leads the effort to transform the company into a serverless-first organization. He leads the Serverless Center of Excellence and is responsible for setting enterprise patterns, best practices, and the developer experience.

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