Speaker: Ben Gamble

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Adviser, Architect & Speaker About Interactive Technology, Startups & Event Driven Systems

Ben has spent over 10 years leading engineering in startups and high-growth companies. As a founder, a CTO, a producer and a product leader he's bridged the gap between research and product development. Having worked with the cutting edge of augmented reality, scaling 3D gaming, and same day logistics, he’s no stranger to taking on technical challenges, and the commercial realities that entails. Having found a home in DevRel in recent times, Ben now works to make real-time data a reality for anyone who needs it with open source tools and shared ideas.


Connecting the Dots: API Design in a Distributed World

As we’ve gone from building monoliths to building microservices, the number of APIs we’ve got to manage has gone from just the database and front end, to at least one per service. 

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Monday Mar 27 / 04:10PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Fleming (3rd Fl.)


api scalability