Speaker: Eb Ikonne

Associate Vice President Product & Engineering @Cox Automotive, Author of "Becoming a Leader in Product Development", & Spreading Joy Through "Joy at Work"

Dr. Eb Ikonne is a practitioner-academic (pracademic) with over 20 years in product development. He is a product and engineering leader at Cox Automotive, working on the Composable Future. Ebenezer started his technology career as a network engineer and software developer. He later transitioned into product development leadership and management and has held middle- to senior-level leadership and management positions in large organizations, small corporations, and startups.
Ebenezer has extensive experience leading organizational change and understands leaders' complex challenges in demanding product development contexts. His experience and education provide him with a unique perspective on how 21st-century product development leaders can become more effective.

Ebenezer is passionate about fostering a positive workplace where people thrive. He regularly speaks on leadership, followership, organizational culture, business strategy, product management, and software development. He publishes content both on LinkedIn and at eikonne.wordpress.com. He has also written for the Cutter Consortium. Ebenezer’s aptly named YouTube channel “Joy at Work” provides practical tips on how anyone can experience joy at work.

Ebenezer is the author of the book “Becoming a Leader in Product Development: An Evidence-Based Guide to the Essentials” packed full of practical tips to help leaders become more effective. The book is available from Apress and Amazon.

You can reach Ebenezer on LinkedIn and Twitter .

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Monday Apr 8 / 02:45PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Whittle (3rd Fl.)


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