Speaker: Jennifer Davis

Engineering Manager @Google, Previously @Microsoft and @Chef, Author of "Effective DevOps" and "Modern System Administration"

Jennifer Davis is an Engineering Manager at Google, systems engineer, public speaker, and author. She is committed to building high-performance teams, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and building communities. With over two decades of experience, Jennifer brings a wealth of expertise in systems engineering with a focus on operability and reliability. Her background in systems, agile, and DevOps enables her to guide teams in building robust systems while empowering engineers to reach their full potential in a sustainable manner.

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Thriving Through Change: Leading Through Uncertainty

Navigating change and building resilient teams is a complex challenge that many organizations face. Times of change can lead to uncertainty, disagreement, and a breakdown in trust.

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Tuesday Apr 9 / 05:05PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Mountbatten (6th Fl.)


DevOps DevEx Patterns for Scale Leading staff+


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