How Do Teams Really Work?

What organisational structure, culture and processes do companies really use to get stuff done at a team level?

This track will include case studies from a variety of companies on things like how you do architecture without architects, what processes work in planning and tracking work, and how to build and maintain a positive and inclusive culture.

From this track


The Future of Teams: How Technology is Shaping Collaboration

Details coming soon.

Speaker image - Brittany Woods
Brittany Woods

Senior Engineering Manager @Lego


How Teams Actually Work at Google

Details coming soon.

Speaker image - Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis

Engineering Manager @Google, Previously @Microsoft and @Chef, Author of "Effective DevOps"


The Journey of ClearBank From Start-Up To Scale-Up

A story of the journey ClearBank’s been on from inception to current day, and the challenges along the way. We’ve had to navigate multiple funding rounds, periods of hyper growth, and therefore hyper hiring, regulators, a pandemic.

Speaker image - Michael Gray
Michael Gray

Principal Engineer @ClearBank


Making Change Stick: Lessons Learned From Helping Teams Improve at the Co-Op

The Co-op has a wide range of software teams, working closely with its variety of businesses (from food to funerals) to build and improve services for use by over 65,000 colleagues, 5 million members, and many more customers.

Speaker image - Neil Vass
Neil Vass

Engineering Manager at Co-Op with 18+ Years in Tech, Previously Worked at BBC and Tessella


Tuesday Apr 9 / 10:35AM BST


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Track Host

Sophie Weston

Principal Engineer @ClearBank, Co-Organizer of DevOpsDays London & FastFlowConf

Sophie has spent nearly thirty years working in technology as a software engineer and DevOps advocate. These days her main focus is on ways of working, helping to create happy, effective teams and build a good engineering culture.

This is what she does in her current role as Principal Engineer at ClearBank. Prior to that, she worked with Matthew Skelton (co-author of Team Topologies) helping organisations to adopt Team Topologies and fast flow ways of working.

An active member of the wider tech community, she is an ambassador for Women In Tech York, co-organiser of DevOpsDays London and FastFlowConf, and has even been known to give the occasional talk herself.

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