Speaker: Michael Friedrich

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Senior Developer Evangelist @GitLab

Michael Friedrich is a Senior Developer Evangelist at GitLab, focussing on Observability, SRE, Ops. He loves to educate everyone and regularly speaks at events and meetups. Michael co-founded the #EveryoneCanContribute cafe meetup group to learn cloud-native & DevSecOps. Michael created o11y.love as an Observability learning platform, and shares technology trends and insights into day-2-ops, Chaos Engineering, eBPF, OpenTelemetry and AI/MLOps in his opsindev.news newsletter.

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From Monitoring to Observability: eBPF Chaos

Collecting Observability data with eBPF aims to help Dev, Ops, and SREs to debug and troubleshoot incidents.

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Tuesday Mar 28 / 05:25PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Fleming (3rd Fl.)


ebpf monitoring chaos engineering