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Corina Ulescu, Sun Microsystems

 Corina  Ulescu,  Sun Microsystems Corina Ulescu is Marketing Manager with the Program Management Office (PMO) of the Java Community Process (JCP) program. In this role, she is driving the marketing communications strategy and activities for the JCP program. Corina has worked with the JCP Program Office at Sun Microsystems since 1999 and as part of the JCP PMO since 2004. Prior to Sun, she worked with a variety of technology and marketing companies, including Cygnet Storage Solutions and US WEB/CKS in the US and European organizations and government agencies including the Council of Europe oversees. She holds a Masters Degree from UB in Linguistics and has Bachelor Degree training from MSVU in Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

Presentation: "The Java Standards Advantage"

Track:   Solution Track 2

Time: Thursday 16:00 - 17:00

Location: Wordsworth Room


Can Java standards rejuvenate business? Can JSRs adoption help companies grow? This session plans to share with attendees results companies have experienced after implementing Java standards in their applications and/or adopting applications that support Java standards.

Whether it's about JSR 82, Java APIs for Bluetooth which allowed Java-enabled devices to integrate into a Bluetooth environment or JSR 135, Multimedia in Microdevices that allowed the digitization of events on the go and their uploading on Java phones and other Java technology-enabled mobile devices. Or about JSR 101 JAX-RPC which helped developers build Web Services that were assured of portability and interoperability. Or the OSS Through Java APIs which enabled rapid assembly of business components for telco companies. Or JSRs 120 and then its successor JSR 205 which added the capability of sending and receiving multimedia messages. Or JSR 168 Portlet Specification which brought enhanced enterprise productivity and cost containment. The list of the 300+ JCP JSRs leading with the platform JSRs for Java SE, Java EE and Java ME and many other APIs is a series of powerful examples of how standards instilled new economies in many businesses at different levels in the channel.

Find out from these or similar experiences about the business successes companies derived as a result of adopting Java standards-based applications and products. JSR Spec Leads participating at QCon will be invited to join in (participation based on their availability)

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