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Chris Swan

 Chris  Swan Chris works in the Credit Suisse IT Research and Development team looking for innovative solutions to financial services problems. His primary areas of coverage are security and infrastructure software (including virtualisation, performance management, provisioning and configuration management). Previously he headed engineering efforts around enterprise grid computing, SOA and J2EE infrastructure. He holds a BEng in Electronics Engineering from the University of York, and an executive MBA from OUBS.

Presentation: "Business Drivers: Automatic trading, virtualization, SEPA, MiFID"

Track:   Banking Architectures

Time: Thursday 11:00 - 12:00

Location: Fleming Room

Abstract: What drives IT in Investment Banks? A lot of it is the competition to provide better services, both cheaper and faster but like the Euro and Y2K in the 90s there are a number of European initiatives, MiFID, SEPA and Giovannini, Chris and Craig, will guide us through these new initiatives and what they mean to the banking industry in terms of IT.

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