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Ari Zilka, Founder, Terracotta

 Ari  Zilka, Founder, Terracotta

Ari Zilka is CTO and co-founder of Terracotta. Previously, Ari was the Chief Architect at Walmart.com, where he led the innovation and development of the company's new engineering initiatives. Prior to Walmart.com, Ari worked as a consultant at Sapient and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Ari's career started as a software engineer for a subsidiary of Motorola, where he wrote groundbreaking wireless paging software. His accomplishments include projects revolving around statistical analysis and data warehousing. In the mid-1990's, Ari invented a new object relational database that still exceeds the capabilities and performance of database technology today.

Ari holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Computer Science as well as in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.

Presentation: "Learn to Scale your Tomcat Application with Terracotta: Faster and Easier"

Track:   Solution Track 2

Time: Thursday 10:15 - 10:45

Location: Wordsworth Room


Terracotta and Tomcat can combine to scale HA applications better, and for lower cost, than existing alternatives. Learn how to do this in a practical sense, as we take use cases where the developer found that JBossCache hasn't met performance objectives, and has involved too much custom code. We'll then discuss how the developer met the business's needs with Terracotta.

This detailed and technical presentation will show you how Terracotta was implemented in each particular use case. Whether you currently use JBossCache, EHCache, another solution, or you are planning to, this webinar will be very informative. Learn how to use Terracotta with Tomcat when you face scale-out challenges.

Presentation: "Clustering enterprise Java applications with Open Terracotta."

Track:   Java Emerging Technologies

Time: Thursday 17:15 - 18:15

Location: Elizabeth Windsor


Most enterprise Java applications need to be clustered to achieve highly throughput and availability. However, popular state replication mechanisms have traps and pitfalls. For example, some require you to sprinkle calls to the clustering API throughout your application. Others cannot scale to support large clusters.

Open Terracotta is an innovative, open-source, highly scalable, JVM-level clustering solution. As well as being a drop-in replacement for Tomcat Clustering, it can transparently cluster POJOs and Spring beans. This presentation will be an in-depth case study of a small mobile application built using Terracotta clustering. We will review the relative levels of transparency, ease of development, and performance with hints of how to migrate from other caches to Terracotta.

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