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Steve Freeman, Independent consultant, M3P

 Steve  Freeman, Independent consultant, M3P Steve was a pioneer of Agile software development in the UK, he has built applications for banks, ISPs, financial data providers, and specialist software companies. He has given training courses in Europe , America, and Asia. Previously, he worked in research labs, software houses, earned a PhD, and wrote shrink-wrap software for IBM. Steve also teaches in the Computer Science department at University College London. He is a presenter and organizer at international industry conferences, and was conference chair for the first London XpDay.

Presentation: "Test Driven Development: How do we know we're done?"

Track:   Agile Foundations

Time: Thursday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: Westminster Suite

Abstract: Test-Driven Development is about focus and feedback. Writing a test makes you clarify your ideas about what needs doing, and making the test pass means that you know that you've added a little more functionality today. Having a comprehensive suite of tests gives you the confidence to get on with things because you can tell when you've broken the system, and tests that are difficult to write show you where you need to improve. In this session, Steve will review the basics of Test-Driven Development, the "Red/Green/Refactor" cycle, and then show how Test-Driven principals apply to the whole development life-cycle.

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Presentation: "Mock Roles, Not Objects"

Track:   Reflecting on our Agile Journey - How do we reach Mastery?

Time: Friday 14:30 - 15:30

Location: To be announced

Abstract: Mock Objects is an extension to Test-Driven Development that encourages good Object-Oriented design practice. It guides the programmers towards a coding style that the presenters have found to be easier to maintain in the long run and to adapt to new requirements. Code that is easy to test is composed of loosely coupled, cohesive objects, and dependencies between parts of the system are made explicit and highly visible. Nat and Steve, currently working on a book on this subject, explain the process of using Mock Objects with an extended example and distil their experiences from using the technique over many years. They will also introduce jMock2, the new version of their Java framework, and discuss mock frameworks in other languages.

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