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Andreas Schliep, Scrum Master, SPRiNT iT

 Andreas  Schliep, Scrum Master, SPRiNT iT Andreas Schliep is a Certified Scrum Practitioner and Scrum Coach. He has 8 years of leadership experience as a team and group leader. His development experience is based on projects in the field of video conferencing, VoIP and instant messaging. His development skills center on C++, Java and database design.

Presentation: "Getting to Agile Quality Management"

Track:   Reflecting on our Agile Journey - How do we reach Mastery?

Time: Friday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: To be announced


Quality Management in an agile environment is a key topic faced by leaders of Agile teams, once their teams learn the basic patterns of Agile and are ready to extend Agility beyond requirements and code. Andreas Schliep is an expert in this topic, and helps practitioners look at questions like: "Are there agile ways to check, sustain and improve the quality of our software?" "How can we verify our quality assurance measures?" "Do we still need separate QA teams, test protocols or system verifications?"

Andreas will help us understand how QA can be part of the team along with all the other disciplines necessary to develop the product, and how to integrate existent QA, step by step, into the development team to make QA a part of the daily development work.

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