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Trackhost: Alexis Richardson, CohesiveFT

No picture of  Trackhost: Alexis  Richardson, CohesiveFT

Alexis Richardson is a co-founder of CohesiveFT, maker of "plug-and-run" virtual appliances for financial industry data standards, and sponsor of Rabbit AMQP. Previously he was CEO and co-founder of MetaLogic, a middleware company specialising in high throughput caching and transaction management products.

A past consultant for Fortune 1000 corporations, Alexis most recently worked on various high performance front office trading solutions. Before that he worked in proprietary trading of fixed income derivatives at Goldman Sachs, after researching and teaching mathematical logic and computer science at Oxford University.

Presentation: "Panel: Advanced Message Queue Protocol Implementors and Adopters" - (NB! only 45 min.)"

Track:   Banking Architectures

Time: Thursday 17:15 - 18:00

Location: Fleming Room


The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol www.amqp.org is an initiative to create a language neutral wire level protocol for enterprise messaging.

This panel joins AMQP's leading banks and implementation vendors for the first time in public, and will discuss three topics:

  1. Yet another message queue protocol? Introducing the spec and its business drivers, with John O'Hara, the AMQP Working Group chair.
  2. How do I use AMQP? Leading implementations and insights into where AMQP is being adopted in 2007.
  3. Roadmap for AMQP: timelines, licensing, specification release dates, and interoperability with other standards.

The panel will conclude with a broader discussion about the future for open innovation, open standards, open source and open financial platforms.

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