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Joseph Pelrine, CST, C*O of MetaProg

 Joseph  Pelrine, CST, C*O of MetaProg Joseph Pelrine is C*O of MetaProg, a company devoted to increasing the quality of software and its development process, and is Europe's senior certified ScrumMaster Practitioner and Trainer as well as one of Europe's leading experts on eXtreme Programming. He has had a successful career as software developer, project manager and consultant, and has spoken about it at such diverse places as IBM, OOPSLA and the Chaos Computer Club. His work focus is on field of social complexity science and its application to Agile processes, on which he also spoke at Agile2006.

Presentation: "When Agile Hits The Wall: Dealing with the organizational challenges of Agile adoption"

Track:   Reflecting on our Agile Journey - How do we reach Mastery?

Time: Friday 09:45 - 10:45

Location: To be announced

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