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Patrick Linskey, BEA

 Patrick  Linskey, BEA

Patrick Linskey has been involved in object/relational mapping for 5+ years. As the founder and CTO of SolarMetric, Patrick drove the technical direction of the company and oversaw the development of Kodo.

Now at BEA, he leads the EJB team in designing and implementation of the WebLogic Server EJB solution. Patrick is one of the leaders on the EJB3 and the JDO specification teams, and is BEA's representative on the EJB3 expert group. Patrick also leads the OpenJPA open source project in Apache.

Presentation: "EJB/JPA feedback with the expert group BOF"

Track:   Solution Track 2

Time: Thursday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: Wordsworth Room


The initial version of the Java Persistence API (JPA) was released last year at JavaOne, along with the Java EE 5 specification. Since that time, it has gained significant traction among developers, and all the major object/relational mapping implementations have embraced the new specification. Now that we've gotten the release out, implementations online, and built some real-world experience, it's time to start looking towards the next version of the JPA specification.

Come to this session to hear what new features members of the EJB expert group team are thinking about, and to provide feedback of your own into the future of the JPA specification.