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Trackhost: Scott Delap, Author, Desktop Java Live

 Trackhost: Scott  Delap, Author, Desktop Java Live

Scott Delap is president of Rich Client Solutions, Inc. which focuses on assisting companies in the development and maintenance of rich client applications.

He specializes in training, design, implementation, and performance tuning of applications built using technologies such as Flex, OpenLaszlo, Ajax, Swing, SWT, Eclipse RCP, and Spring.

Scott is a frequent presenter at conferences such as JavaOne and No Fluff Just Stuff. He won a Java Rockstar Award for his 2006 JavaOne presentation on Swing Threading. Scott is also the lead Java Editor for InfoQ.com.

Presentation: "An Overview of Desktop Java Technologies in Today's RIA World"

Track:   Java in Action

Time: Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00

Location: Elizabeth Windsor

Abstract: This sessions will provide an overview of Swing and Eclipse RCP technologies in today's world of RIA applications. It will cover the technologies that are making the development of desktop applications easier today. The session will also cover advances in deployment techniques such as Java Web Start and Pack200 which assist in the centralized deployment of desktop applications. Finally, the session will look at which situations where desktop java applications should be considered versus other technologies such as Ajax, Flex, and OpenLazslo.

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Presentation: "Introduction: Ajax & Browser-Based Applications"

Track:   Ajax & Browser-Based Applications

Time: Friday 09:00 - 09:30

Location: Fleming Room

Abstract: TBA