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Frederic Baumann, ILOG

 Frederic  Baumann, ILOG

Frédéric Baumann is currently Senior Technical Account Manager at ILOG, and focuses on the ILOG graphical offering for Europe.
Most of his activity consists in helping customers to integrate ILOG graphical components in Java and .Net environments, within rich client or thin client architectures.

Frédéric Baumann
Technical Account Manager Senior - ILOG Direct Europe
Tel: +33 1 49 08 35 61 fbaumann@ilog.fr

Presentation: "Developing Graphics-Intensive Web Applications with AJAX"

Track:   Solution Track 1

Time: Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00

Location: Wordsworth Room

Abstract: AJAX technology is becoming increasingly popular, especially because it enables applications to be extended with high-level graphics capabilities.
A good way for reducing the cost of AJAX-based developments is to develop or reuse graphical AJAX components.
After reviewing the existing solutions available for graphics intensive web applications, such as VML, SVG or Flash, this session explains what AJAX is and what its technical challenges are. Finally, we will show how to address these challenges through a technical tutorial.

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