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Cameron Purdy, CEO, Tangosol

 Cameron  Purdy, CEO, Tangosol

Cameron Purdy is the founder and president of Tangosol, Inc. Over the past five years, his leadership, vision, and commitment to exceptional product quality and customer satisfaction have made Tangosol the market leader in delivering in-memory caching and data management solutions to companies building and running mission critical enterprise J2EE applications.

As a software visionary and industry leader, Cameron has received a number of awards in recognition of his contribution to the Java community. He regularly participates in industry standards development and currently is the specification lead for JSR 107 (jCache).

Presentation: "Performance & Scalability"

Track:   Qualities in Architecture

Time: Wednesday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: Fleming Room


Grid based infrastructures are being developed, deployed and used to achieve unlimited application scalability and continuous availability across multiple datacenters. Understanding the additional capabilities of these infrastructures and how they can be used to solve increasingly difficult and complex problems will help to ensure that organizations are getting the maximum utility from Grid Computing. This session focuses on how Data Grid capabilities function, such as coherent in-memory caching, dynamic data partitioning, and parallel query and process execution, and how they are being mapped onto grid infrastructures. Organizations are using these Data Grid capabilities in order to provide real time risk analytics, complex event processing and algorithmic trading, and "follow-the-sun" order management systems. Additionally, the session draws specific attention to how organizations are able to implement these capabilities on a global scale.

You will learn: How Data Grid capabilities function, how organizations are using them to solve complex computing problems and examples of how organizations are leveraging this on a global scale.

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