Presentation: "Object Oriented UI with OpenSocial"

Time: Wednesday 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Wordsworth Room

Creating applications from reusable chunks of UI isn't a new idea, "Portals", "Dashboards", and "My " have been around for over a decade. Developers should already have made the shift from thinking about their UI as stand alone "Applications" and started thinking of UI as "Componentized Units of Work". The problem in the past is that most of the "Portal" or "Dashboard" frameworks were proprietary or worked with difficult specifications like JSR-168 or WSRP. OpenSocial is more than just a way to have mafia wars with your friends who aren't on Facebook. With the introduction OpenSocial gadgets it is getting easier and easier to create these UI components and as we see OpenSocial moving into the enterprise these "Componentized Units of Work" can run in more and more places. So poke your friends, chuck some sheep and come to this presentation to learn how OpenSocial can help you create reusable application components and surface them in multiple containers.
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Douglas Butler, Sales Engineer at Atlassian Software

 Douglas  Butler
Douglas Butler is a Sales Engineer at Atlassian Software - makers of JIRA and Confluence.  He has a long history with enterprise applications as both a developer and Sale Engineer at a laundry list of startups you've never heard of.