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Ben Butler-Cole, ThoughtWorks Studios

 Ben  Butler-Cole Ben Butler-Cole is a developer with ThoughtWorks Studios. He has spent the last ten years looking for ways to avoid unnecessary work. When all else fails he likes to write code in languages that haven't been designed to hurt him.

Presentation: "Scenario-Driven Development"

Time: Friday 12:00 - 13:00

Location: Wordsworth Room


This talk will present an extension of test-driven development to the entire development cycle. In scenario-driven development, high-level tests, written in the language of the users, are used by developers to guide their coding.

Ben will explore the possible pitfalls of such an approach (brittle tests, slow builds and loss of trust in the tests) and explain how they can be avoided by careful design, sensible coding and collaboration between testers and developers. He will demonstrate ThoughtWorks Studios' Twist, a refactoring IDE for acceptance-level tests which enables the scenario-driven approach.