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Ben Hall, Developer, Tester, Book author, geek

 Ben  Hall
Ben Hall is a UK C# developer\tester with a strong passion for software development and loves writing code. Ben enjoys exploring different ways of testing software, including both manual and automated testing, focusing on the best ways to test different types of applications. He also loves developing web applications using ASP.net and Ruby on Rails. Ben is a C# MVP and you can check out his blog here

Presentation: "Testing C# and ASP.Net applications using Ruby"

Time: Thursday 10:30 - 11:30

Location: Rutherford Room


With the reach and diversity of different programming languages and paradigms at the moment, it's possible to use the appropriate language for the appropriate task. In my case, I develop applications using C# but test the code using Ruby. The Ruby community has always understood the importance of testing. They strive to make applications more testable while improving the approaches and tools they use. As a result, they have created some amazing frameworks and a series of best practices to support testing.

While this is great for Ruby developers, C# and ASP.net developers can take full advantage for their own applications. This session provides an insight into the Ruby world and how you can take advantage to create readable, maintainable and valuable tests for ASP.net based web applications, from the business logic up to the user interface. Taken from my own experiences of using this approach, the session will demonstrate how to integrate Ruby frameworks such as RSpec and Cucumber into your application development cycle, and how different frameworks combined with Ruby can solve a number of problems traditionally faced when using C#. There will also be discussion around IronRuby and JRuby and their implications for the future and the future of Testing ASP.net applications in general.

Keywords: Testing, C#, Ruby, IronRuby

Target Audience: Anyone who is developing or testing .Net based applications