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Doron Reuveni, CEO & Co-Founder of uTest

 Doron  Reuveni

Doron Reuveni co-founded uTest in early 2007. Since its inception, uTest has provided functional and usability testing services through a community that includes nearly 25,000 testers from 160+ countries around the globe.

He is a published author and expert in testing methodologies for web, desktop and mobile applications. Prior to uTest, Doron was the Senior Vice President of Technology at Enigma, Inc., delivering large-scale software implementations through his global team of product managers, developers, QA professionals and project managers. He has more than 20 years of experience delivering software applications to Fortune 500 companies as well as young, agile startups.

Presentation: "The Mobile Testing Challenge: Why Mobile Apps Need Real-World Testing Coverage and How Crowdsourcing Can Help"

Time: Friday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Westminster Suite

With the fantastic growth of mobile computing platforms such as the iPhone, Blackberry and Android environments, there has been a dramatic increase in the value of mobile applications for most companies. However, one of the biggest challenges that one faces when developing a mobile app is how to test it - there are an enormous number of variables to consider for mobile computing which simply aren't present for desktop or web development, including:
  • Hardware/Software platform -  There are a handful of web browsers and desktop operating systems, but there are literally hundreds of different devices from a large number of manufacturers. How do you test on all of these client platforms?
  • Different Carriers - Every carrier does things in a different way, and a large number of issues (much more than you'd think) are introduced moving from Orange to T-Mobile to Vodafone - how do you test on all of these carriers?
  • Location - As any mobile phone user knows, coverage can be very patchy and frequently expensive. How do you ensure that your app isn't gobbling bandwidth, failing when the network drops, and costing consumers a lot of money?
In this presentation, Doron will discuss these challenges in more detail, and describe several ways which provide effective testing for mobile applications as well as the pitfalls in each of these approaches

Keywords: software testing, crowdsourcing, mobile application testing, mobile app testing, mobile apps, mobile applications, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android

Target audience: Technical executives for companies that have launched or plan to launch mobile applications in 2010. Launching high-quality mobile apps on-time and on-budget presents different challenges than web or desktop apps. This presentation will address many of the challenges in testing and launching mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and more.