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Enda Farrell, Software architect for internet scaling

 Enda  Farrell

Enda Farrell is one of the software architects for the BBC's new technology platform. By using open source software with (almost) commodity hardware to build a new dynamic content platform, the BBC can cost-effectively and securely allow developers to build faster, better scaling and interactive applications.

Enda joined the BBC to lead the technical team for one of the main content management systems in 2006, having spent 9 years as an engineer and then architect at Sapient. In 2008 when the new platform was granted board approval, the content management team merged in with the platform team to get things going. His Mechanical Engineering degree from UCD is somewhat languishing in a box somewhere, largely unused.

Presentation: "Auntie on the Couch"

Time: Wednesday 11:45 - 12:45

Location: Westminster Suite


Apache CouchDB is an open-source, document-oriented database with a RESTful HTTP interface that enables it to scale out like the web. The BBC uses CouchDB as the database for some of the highest-traffic websites in the UK. In this talk you will learn what CouchDB is, how to use it, and what it is like to deploy it at scale.

Keywords:CouchDB, database, NoSQL, Architecture, Infrastructure, Scaling, Performance, Internet

Target audience: Architects and developers interested in CouchDB and/or deploying NoSQL solutions at a large scale