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Ian Robinson, IBM, Distinguished Engineer

 Ian  Robinson, IBM

Ian Robinson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in IBM's WebSphere development organization, based at the IBM Hursley Software Lab in the UK. Ian has 20 years experience working in enterprise middleware and software standards. He is a Senior Architect for the WebSphere platform, responsible for the strategy and development of OSGi technologies in WebSphere and the transaction processing capabilities of the WebSphere platform. He is the chair of the OASIS Web Service Transactions technical committee and co-author of the OSGi Transaction Service specification.

Ian's current focus is on how technologies like OSGi can reduce complexity in enterprise environments. He is an active member of the OSGi Alliance Enterprise Expert Group, he helped initiate the open source Apache Aries incubator project to build a developer community around enterprise OSGi and leads the integration of these technologies into the WebSphere platform to provide application developers with the tools and runtime they need to develop and deploy modular applications.

Presentation: "Is OSGi Ready for the Enterprise?"

Time: Friday 15:30 - 16:30

Location: Wordsworth Room

OSGi is a dynamic Java modularity technology originally exploited by constrained Java runtime systems. In the last few years OSGi has become the modularity technology of choice for many of the Java EE platform vendors. The use of OSGi has typically been internal to the Java EE platform runtimes rather than being exposed to the applications running on them and industry opinion has been divided about whether OSGi is ready for enterprise application use.
This session looks at common challenges enterprise applications face and whether OSGi can solve them. It also considers whether existing application need extensive brain surgery to take advantage of OSGi or whether this is better suited for new projects. And finally it will look at what technology is available for use today and just around the corner and ask: Is OSGi Ready for the Enterprise?