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Jason Gorman, Creator of parlezuml.com

 Jason  Gorman

Jason Gorman has 17 years experience in software development, including 10 as an Extreme Programming/TDD practitioner and coach in a diverse range of industries. Recent coaching activities have focused on instilling good habits through continued dedicated practice and peer assessment, allowing teams who lack access to master craftsmen to learn from each other and enabling craftsmanship programmes to scale to large development organisations. Web site parlezuml.com has been visited by over a million practitioners since 2003 seeking advice on OOA/D, modeling, architecture, metrics and Agile practices. Chaired the first international conference in Software Craftsmanship in 2009 at the BBC. Actively supports the campaign to save Bletchley Park, and produced a comedy benefit in London featuring Stephen Fry, Dave Gorman, Richard Herring, Robert Llewellyn, Robin Ince, Maggie Philbin and Johnny Ball, and is currently working on Boffoonery 2.0

Presentation: "Beyond Masters & Apprentices: A Scalable, Peer-led Model For Building Good Habits In Large & Diverse Development Teams"

Time: Wednesday 11:45 - 12:45

Location: St. James's Suite


In this session, software practitioners and their managers will see how they can help each other to develop good habits for writing solid, reliable, maintainable code with minimal reliance on "master craftsmen" and external coaches, and in a way that can scale to larger development teams, and potentially across the enterprise. They will also see how the effectiveness of such a programme can be tracked and how to target practice to deliver maximum value.

Keywords: craftsmanship, tdd, refactoring, habits, practice, peer, pairing, scalable, enterprise, assessment, metrics

Target audience: Software developers, architects, tech leads, managers