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Jeff Wishnie, Director of Social Engagement, ThoughtWorks

 Jeff  Wishnie

Jeff has spent nearly 20 years as a silicon valley entrepreneur working in large organizations and small as engineer, user-interface designer, product designer, architect, president and founder.

5 years ago, he made the transition to the non-profit world, joining Inveneo, a San Francisco based ICT4D NGO as CTO. In that time he has been responsible for software projects including Ubuntu-based Inveneo Desktop Linux. He has participated in field projects in Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, and Sierra Leone.

Jeff joined ThoughtWorks as director of social engagement in fall of 2009. During his time at ThoughtWorks he has kicked off internal social impact programs and external projects for UNICEF Uganda and UNICEF Iraq.

Away from his professional life, Jeff flies paragliders competitively and is currently ranked 110th in the world.

Presentation: "UNICEF on Information and Communication Technology for Development"

Time: Thursday 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Wordsworth Room


The field of ICT4D focuses on the practical application of computing and communication technology to the needs of the developing world. Traditional ICT4D has focused on basic 'Layer Zero' challenges of providing power, hardware, and basic communications links. With the development of inexpensive solar, low-power consuming computers, and wide-spread cellular connectivity, the ICT4D field has reached an inflection point where software can provide massive new efficiencies and exponential increases in social impact. In this talk, ThoughtWorks' Director of Social Engagement and Merrick Schaefer from UNICEF, will describe of the major ICT4D opensource software projects and the challenges they face.