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Joe Walker, Mozillian working on Bespin (Code in the Cloud). Creator of DWR

 Joe  Walker Joe Walker works for Mozilla creating Bespin - a web developers editor that lives on the web. He is also the creator of the DWR framework. He is a frequent speaker at industry events like InfoQ, JavaOne, FoWA and The Ajax Experience. He is an author of Ajax in Practice by Manning, and blogs at http://getahead.org/blog/joe and also at http://directwebremoting.org/blog/joe

Presentation: "Introduction to Bespin - Mozilla's Web Based Code Editor"

Time: Friday 09:10 - 10:10

Location: Rutherford Room


Bespin is a Mozilla Labs Experiment to build a code editor in a web browser that Open Web and Open Source developers could love. We asked ourselves what the editor of our dreams would look like, and set out to build that editor using the latest HTML 5 features. When you have the luxury to take off the shackles of old browsers, it is amazing what the engines provide.

After a few months of development we have working collaboration and version control integration. Find out what we've learnt, what we're working on next and see what features you would love to see (and maybe contribute? ;) with Bespin. This being Mozilla, everything is open source including a reusable editor component that you could embed and use.

Keywords: Editor, Cloud, Ajax, Javascript, CommonJS, Mozilla, Collaboration, Open Source

Target Audience: This talk is for anyone that writes code for the web and anyone that is interested in Open Source.