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Julian Simpson, The Build Doctor

 Julian  Simpson

Julian Simpson started his career in technical support. He has run his own business connecting people to the Internet, been (and sometimes still is) a Unix systems administrator. Julian spent four years at ThoughtWorks doing build, continuous integration and deployment on large software projects. He has worked on Java and .NET projects in Telecommunications, Media, Finance and Insurance industries. Presently he is working at a media company doing a mix of build and release management and production systems administration. In his spare time Julian writes the popular build and deployment blog, The Build Doctor

Presentation: "Siloes are for farmers: production deployments using all your team"

Time: Wednesday 13:45 - 14:45

Location: Henry Moore Room


In this presentation you will learn real-world patterns for getting your application live in production, without fist-fights. Your development and operations people need to work together as a team to achieve this. But how do they work together as a team with different incentives, tools and beliefs? Julian has spent most of his career in either or both of the the two groups. He will present some of the best and most practical patterns for developer-operations collaboration.

Keywords: Devops, process, patterns, operations, development

Target Audience: Developers who want to learn more about getting code into production, operations people who want stop eating other people's dogfood.