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Keith Braithwaite, Agile Skeptic

 Keith  Braithwaite

Keith Braithwaite is a Principle Consultant with Zuhlke Engineering, and leads their Center for Agile Practice in London. He provides Agile training, consultancy and mentoring to development teams in the wholesale finance and mobile telecoms industries.

Previously he was Head of Technology Solutions for the ASIA-PAC region of WDS Global, and co-authored the first published descriptions of successful distributed Agile based on his experience there. He is a frequent speaker at Agile conferences around the world.

Presentation: "Nothing New Under the Sun: continually rediscovering the good ways to build software"

Time: Thursday 10:30 - 11:30

Location: Henry Moore Room


Our industry has a short memory and often forgets good ideas. The good ideas we do recall we misapply, lurching from one failed "silver bullet" to another. Happily we do seem to be converging over time, however slowly, on good ideas appropriately applied. In this session we will review some good ideas about building software from the past and learn how they fit into current technical and economic conditions to the benefit of ourselves, our customers, and our users.

Keywords: Lean, agile, process, testing, design, architecture, project management

Target audience: All who take part in or manage system construction