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Mark Ramm, TurboGears2 BDFL, SourceForge Developer, and all around web dude

 Mark  Ramm
Mark Ram is an web developer who's interested in everything from making everyday development easier to scalability and high traffic websites.   He's the BDFL of TurboGears 2, and is leading the charge to modernize the tech stack at GeekNet for sourceforge.org

Presentation: "MongoDB: huMONGOus Data at SourceForge"

Time: Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30

Location: Westminster Suite


With nearly two hundred thousand projects projects and over two million registered users committers, SourceForge is a data-intensive operation that needs to handle a lot of download traffic. Recently we decided to use MongoDB, and Python to rewrite and optimize the download flow. MongoDB is a document-oriented data store designed for large-scale data management with rich data types and query language. This talk will provide an overview of MongoDB technology, and cover how SourceForge is using MongoDB to make it easy to scale up and out.

Keywords: MongoDB, document database, large-scale data storage

Target Audience: Users who are interested in the simplicity of a document database, who want to investigate non-relational database technologies, or want to learn how MongoDB can be used in high traffic production environments.