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Michael Tamm, System Architect and automated QA expert

 Michael  Tamm Michael Tamm currently works as System Architect at optivo. He finished his studies of computer science in 1999 and is developing enterprise web applications since then. Through the years he has specialized on quality assurance via automatic testing. Besides being a regular speaker at different computer conferences and author of several computer journal articles, he is also an active committer on the WebDriver project.

Presentation: "Fighting Layout Bugs"

Time: Friday 09:10 - 10:10

Location: Westminster Suite

Abstract: So you have unit tests, integration tests, and maybe even frontend tests, and you know that your web application does what it is supposed to do. But what about layout bugs? How do you ensure, that every page looks like the designers wanted it to look like? I will present several proven and some novel techniques to help you automatically check the work of your HTML and CSS programmers. I will show examples of typical layout bugs and explain which techniques can be applied to automatically detect/prevent those types of bugs in the future without human intervention.

Keywords: Automated Testing

Target audience: Everybody