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Nikolai Onken, Co-founder of DojoCampus.org, Dojo contributor and cofounder of uxebu

 Nikolai  Onken Nikolai Onken is committer and community evangelist of the Dojo Toolkit. He is co-founder of DojoCampus.org and the regular Dojo.cast() podcast. Being the lead frontend architect at uxebu, Nikolai is currently heavily involved in mobile development and is pushing the use of the Dojo Toolkit and other standard web techniques in mobile devices forward. He is very interested in the research of letting web based mobile applications communicate with real hardware and things other than web-services.

Presentation: "Mobile JavaScript development"

Time: Friday 12:00 - 13:00

Location: Rutherford Room


Mobile development based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS has been getting a lot of traction in the last year. Because it is now possible to write cross device applications and target a big share of the available devices, a whole new world of possibilities is opening itself up to web developers. In this talk I will give you insight into the current state of mobile cross-device application development based on JavaScript, HTML and CSS will show you how you can use JavaScript toolkits like the Dojo Toolkit to support your development with powerful tools. I will show how you can start writing apps now and I will give you a glimpse into the future by showing prototypes of web based mobile applications communicating with real hardware like your home appliances and much more.

Keywords: Mobile, JavaScript, Dojo, Mobile Applications, Widgets

Target audience: People who are investigating into writing web based mobile applications, people who already are actively developing mobile applications based on web technologies and people who want to see what else you can do with JS/HTML/CSS besides writing mobile apps talking to webservers.