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Patrick Kua, ThoughtWorks

 Patrick  Kua
Patrick Kua works as an active, generalising specialist for ThoughtWorks and dislikes being put into a box. Patrick is often found leading technical teams, frequently coaching people and organisations in lean and agile methods, and sometimes facilitating situations beyond adversity. Patrick is fascinated by elements of learning and continuous improvement always helping others to develop enthusiasm for these same elements.

You can find his current thoughts on his blog

Presentation: "Building the next generation of technical leaders"

Time: Thursday 13:45 - 14:45

Location: Wordsworth Room

A team lead by great technical leaders tends to deliver successful projects regardless of the complexity of business needs, tools and techniques and pace of change. They create self-empowered teams, driven to do the right thing. Ineffective technical leaders destroy the potential for self-empowered teams and generate undercurrents of resentment that build up over time. Often, this isn't because the technical leader is "bad". It is simply a result of the Peter Principle, where systems tend to promote perfectly competent technical people into a role requiring completely different skill sets.

Organisations need to recognise the need build the next generation technical leaders correctly. During this talk, we'll uncover the elements necessary for great technical leaders and explore environments that foster their development.