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R.I. Pienaar, Freelance Systems Administrator

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With 20 plus years experience working in all sizes of internet facing business as developer, systems administrator, architect and consultant Arri has learned that the old ways of silo style operations is not fit for purpose and is striving to bring the Systems Administration and Operations teams into the 21st century.

Arri is very active in the Puppet and DevOps communities, is the author or several opensource projects in the operations space and is available as a consultant to startups and lean operations teams.

Presentation: "Experiences running a 4 year old devops based startup"

Time: Wednesday 16:30 - 17:30

Location: Henry Moore Room


In this presentation you will learn how a web and mobile based startup uses techniques that are currently being formalized by the DevOps movement. We've used DevOps techniques over the course of 4 years to achieve great stability and end to end business visibility of operations and development activities.

We will show how tools like Puppet, Operating System packaging and close cooperation between development and operations can yield a very lean yet very reliable operation that both work well and make the parties involved much happier in their day to day jobs.

We will detail the team and job roles needed to realize such a operations team and give general feedback on process and prioritization.

Keywords: DevOps, Systems Administration, Process

Target Audience: Any Systems Administrators or Developers who are keen to work closer together with their counter parts.