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Simon Oxley, Co-founder and CTO of Aware Monitoring

 Simon  Oxley
Simon has been working in IT for over 17 years, with a focus on enterprise systems, infrastructure and architecture.

As CTO and co-founder at Aware Monitoring Simon  is responsible for end-to-end technical design and delivery of the service, as well as leading development and product strategy. Originally  from an infrastructure background, Simon has spent the last few years  focusing more closely on development using Python and Javascript.

Much of Simon's pre-startup life was spent in Enterprise IT. Most recently as a Senior Architect in global financial services, with earlier roles in network consulting and the UK NHS.

Presentation: "Data Presentation in a Web App: The Journey of a Startup"

Time: Friday 14:00 - 15:00

Location: Rutherford Room


We set out with a vision - to build a great web-app. A simple and elegant alternative to the bloated monitoring and reporting systems that so many of us battle with every day.

This talk will discuss the challenges we encountered and the decisions we made to achieve our goal. The tools and technologies we used to deliver clear data presentation, where we took inspiration from, and our hopes for the future.

Keywords: Data Presentation, Charting, UI, Interaction

Target audience: For anyone interested in web-apps and data-presentation.