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Presentation: "Banking Case study: Scaling with low latency using NewSQL"

Track: Solution Track: Cloud Development and Beyond / Time: Thursday 16:40 - 17:40 / Location: Rutherford Room

Most assume that horizontal scalability requires application managed sharded databases, use NoSQL databases or using in-memory data grids. But, often this mandates application re-architecture and injects objects or turning access in key-value based access can be quite challenging. This presentation walks through how a bank used a horizontally scalable, memory oriented SQL database (VMWare SQLFire), did minimal changes to its application, injected the Database between the app and its original database and achieved elastic (on-demand) scaling with very low latencies.

We will spend time walking through the design patterns in the application and then go a little deeper into SQLFire concepts - horizontal partitioning policies, how to achieve scalable transactions with colocation, distributing application logic to distribtued data and parallelizing execution, query processing, etc. A lot of concepts are similar to several ""next generation"" SQL products.

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Jags Ramnarayan, Chief Architect for GemFire products at VMWare

Jags Ramnarayan

Biography: Jags Ramnarayan

As the Chief Architect for GemFire products at VMWare, Jags is responsible for the technology direction for its high performance distributed data Grid. Jags has been a part of several Java standards - EJB, J2EE while at GemStone systems, XML based JSRs like JAXM while at BEA. He also represented BEA in the W3C SOAP protocol specification. Jags has presented in several conferences in the past on Data management, clustering and grid computing. He has over 20 years of experience, a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters degree in management of science and technology.

Jim Bedenbaugh, Senior Consultant, VMWare

Jim Bedenbaugh

Biography: Jim Bedenbaugh

Jim has over 27 years of experience working in IT for the largest companies in the world across a wide spectrum of industries. He was a contributor to Head First EJB, has worked across a broad area of technologies, starting on IBM mainframes in the early 1980’s and eventually moving to the client server technologies in the 1990’s. He is an avid chess player, Martial Arts instructor and enthusiastic physics buff.