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Presentation: "Hadoop: Scalable Infrastructure for Big Data"

Track: Big Data and NoSQL / Time: Friday 16:40 - 17:40 / Location: Mountbatten Room

Hadoop provides a consistent model and infrastructure for seamlessly scaling analytics and data processing from small to very large sizes. This talk will provide an overview of Hadoop, its processing model, and its associated ecosystem and tools. We will examine the motivation and implementation of several real-world uses of Hadoop to analyze, process, and serve data for mission critical systems.

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Parand Tony Darugar, CEO of Xpenser

Parand Tony Darugar

Biography: Parand Tony Darugar

Parand is the founder and CEO of Xpenser, a comprehensive time,expense, and receipt management solution with a mobile focus. Prior toXpenser he was responsible for architecture of the advertising systemsat Yahoo!, where he helped introduce scaling and grid technologiesinto production systems, managed the Java and Oracle platform groups, and oversaw system architecture. Prior to Yahoo! Parand founded two venture backed startups in the web services and web infrastructure space (VelociGen and Blue Titan).