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Presentation: "Integration At Scale: Lessons Learned From The New Enterprise Web"

Track: Industrial-Strength Architecture for Integration and Web Computing / Time: Friday 11:50 - 12:50 / Location: Fleming

The mobile device revolution has upended our traditional view of the world wide web. The enterprise web is now about integration: connecting any device to to any data, reliably and under wildly fluctuating load. How has this affected web architecture, and what changes in the day-to-day operation of the web resource? Join us for this panel of senior enterprise architects, each of whom has met the challenge of the new enterprise web.

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David Laing, R&D lab team lead at City Index.

David Laing

Biography: David Laing

I love to build stuff. Well.

Fundamentally I'm a pragmatist; who gets his kicks from getting software built. I identify and implement whatever will advance a project; with a specific focus on technical skills and practises (TDD, CI, pair programming, clean code).

I'm plugged into most software communities; reading, listening and attending. I filter, focus and introduce techniques & technologies that will benefit my team.

I've recently become a father, and discovered I love being a family man. (Also that I can operate with almost no sleep, but that's another story...)

Neels Burger, Solution Architect at Moneysupermarket.com,

Neels Burger

Biography: Neels Burger

Neels Burger is a Solution Architect at Moneysupermarket.com, one of the biggest price comparison sites in the UK. He has worked internationally on the design and delivery of highly available, business critical systems that requires high volume, elastic usage. His current focus is on extending internal system and business functionality to a wider set of human and technology consumers, within the constraints of Data and IP Protection.

He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Information System Management from the University of Liverpool

Neil Pellinacci, Software Design and Development Consultant

Neil Pellinacci

Biography: Neil Pellinacci

Neil Pellinacci is an experienced software design and development consultant, with over 20 years experience of software development in both conventional and Agile environments. He founded Tanzarine Technology Ltd in 1999, specialising in Internet related technologies and Java server side web projects, with a proven track record in: Government electronic business projects Web authentication and authorisation techniques Content management Consultancy and development for small businesses.

He strongly believes that smaller businesses can and should leverage technology solutions in the same way as their larger counterparts. In what now seems like a past life, he was co-author of "The Giant Book of Spectrum Arcade Games" (Fontana, 1984).  

Parand Tony Darugar, CEO of Xpenser

Parand Tony Darugar

Biography: Parand Tony Darugar

Parand is the founder and CEO of Xpenser, a comprehensive time,expense, and receipt management solution with a mobile focus. Prior toXpenser he was responsible for architecture of the advertising systemsat Yahoo!, where he helped introduce scaling and grid technologiesinto production systems, managed the Java and Oracle platform groups, and oversaw system architecture. Prior to Yahoo! Parand founded two venture backed startups in the web services and web infrastructure space (VelociGen and Blue Titan).

Scott Morrison, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect at Layer 7 Technologies / Track Host

Scott Morrison

Biography: Scott Morrison

K. Scott Morrison is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Architect at Layer 7 Technologies, where he is leading a team developing the next generation of security infrastructure for cloud computing and SOA. An architect and developer of highly scalable, enterprise systems for over 20 years, Scott has extensive experience across industry sectors as diverse as health, travel and transportation, and financial services. He has been a Director of Architecture and Technology at Infowave Software, a leading maker of wireless security and acceleration software for mobile devices, and was a senior architect at IBM.

Before shifting to the private sector, Scott was with the world-renowned medical research program of the University of British Columbia, studying neurodegenerative disorders using medical imaging technology. Scott is a dynamic, entertaining and highly sought-after speaker. His quotes appear regularly in the media, from the New York Times, to the Huffington Post and the Register. Scott has published over 50 book chapters, magazine articles, and papers in medical, physics, and engineering journals. His work has been acknowledged in the New England Journal of Medicine, and he has published in journals as diverse as the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow, and Neurology. He is the co-author of the graduate text Cloud Computing, Principles, Systems and Applications published by Springer, and is on the editorial board of Springer¹s new Journal of Cloud Computing Advances, Systems and Applications (JoCCASA).

He co-authored both Java Web Services Unleashed and Professional JMS. Scott is an editor of the WS-I Basic Security Profile (BSP), and is co-author of the original WS-Federation specification. He is a recent co-author of the Cloud Security Alliance¹s Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing, and an author of that organization¹s Top Threats to Cloud Computing research. Scott was recently a featured speaker for the Privacy Commission of Canada¹s public consultation into the privacy implications of cloud computing. He has even lent his expertise to the film and television industry, consulting on a number of features including the X-Files. Scott¹s current interests are in cloud computing, Web services security, enterprise architecture and secure mobile computing‹and of course, his wife and two great kids.