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Industrial-Strength Architecture for Integration and Web Computing

Scott Morrison
Track abstract
The enterprise is demanding more from the Web than ever before. No longer content with simple web application delivery, the new enterprise web has become an integration point between mobile devices, browsers, legacy systems, and third-party web apps. This is a difficult balancing act. The new enterprise web is highly scalable, but can also reconcile the different service level expectations across each participant. At its core, it enables agile product delivery while maintaining extreme reliability. In this track, we will study the architectural challenges faced by the enterprise that needs to harness the web as a rich delivery channel‹and highlight the real world solutions that address these. We will explore the intersection where trends such as virtualization, noSQL, JSON, OAuth, APIs and mobile apps meet. Join us to understand the fine tuning between milliseconds and dollars that can make the difference between wild success and disappointing mediocrity.
Industrial-Strength Architecture for Integration and Web Computing
ROOM Fleming St. James
Day Friday (9th Mar.)
10:30 TBA
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