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Presentation: "Where does Big Data meet Big Database?"

Track: Big Data and NoSQL / Time: Friday 11:50 - 12:50 / Location: Mountbatten Room

The NoSQL and Big Data movements are a pragmatic response to handling huge quantities of data. These have been an unexpected disruption to a field steeped in long lines of academic heritage. Are these upstarts really defining a new era or simply signalling a need to realign more traditional approaches? This talk looks at the Big Data movement from both angles, reflecting on a future of complementary evolution.

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Benjamin Stopford, Specialist in HPC technologies

Benjamin Stopford

Biography: Benjamin Stopford

Ben Stopford is a specialist in HPC technologies with experience at several investment banks and at Thoughtworks. He has a number of publications and speaking engagements to his name covering Software Process, Mock-Driven Development, Oracle Coherence and Distributed Data Management. He currently leads development of ODC; a distributed data technology that sits at the core of RBS’s data architecture. You can find more about him at http://www.benstopford.com