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Greg Young, Co-founder and CTO of IMIS

Greg Young

Biography: Greg Young

Greg Young is co-founder and CTO of IMIS, a stock market analytics firm in Vancouver BC. With over 10 years of varied experience in computer science from embedded operating systems to business systems and everything in between, he brings a pragmatic and often times unusual viewpoint to discussions.   

In his spare time you can often find Greg on experts-exchange.com where he runs the .NET section of the site, writing articles for InfoQ.com, speaking at local .NET groups throughout the south eastern US and now the pacific northwest, or floating upside down through rapids in his kayak. 

Presentation: Developers Have a Mental Disorder

Track: Keynote / Time: Wednesday 18:30 - 19:30 / Location: To be announced

We as developers have many biases that often we need to take a step back from in order to gain perspective. This session will deliberately go after many of our sacred cows and show how they are really just us over-optimizing a belief. All of these lead to a single generalized rule and a strategy for how to avoid these situations.

Keywords: IOC, DRY, Patterns, Frameworks, Insanity