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Hsiao Su, Senior Performance Engineer at MarkLogic

Hsiao Su

Biography: Hsiao Su

 Hsiao is a Senior Performance Engineer at MarkLogic. Prior to that, Hsiao worked at Oracle on performance monitoring and system management related products. He has spent many years as a developer, and as a development manager. He has also worked with many Oracle performance experts on database performance issues.  

Presentation: Real World Big Data - Achieving 100K transactions per second with a NoSQL Database

Track: Solution Track: Big Data, NoSQL / Time: Wednesday 15:20 - 16:20 / Location: Rutherford Room

Lee and Hsiao will present a Big Data use case requiring 100K transactions per second. They will briefly cover the architecture of MarkLogic, an enterprise-grade NoSQL Document Database and why it's a good choice for this case. Concluded by a detailed discussion about the techniques used, along with related performance analyses, to achieve the requirement, including pros and cons.