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Steve Vinoski, Architect at Basho / Track Host

Steve Vinoski

Biography: Steve Vinoski

Steve Vinoski is an architect at Basho Technologies in Cambridge, MA, USA. He's worked on distributed systems and middleware systems for over 20 years, including distributed object systems, service-oriented systems, and RESTful web services. His interest in software quality and development speed led Steve to start exploring and using Erlang in 2006, and he's used it as as his primary development language ever since. He writes "The Functional Web" column for IEEE Internet Computing in which he explores the use of functional programming languages for web development.

Twitter: @stevevinoski

Presentation: Conference Opening & Introduction of Today's Tracks

Track: Keynote / Time: Wednesday 08:45 - 09:00 / Location: To be announced

Floyd Marinescu and Wednesday Track Hosts will present the program and provide a short introduction to the Tracks scheduled for Wednesday.

Presentation: Building Distributed Systems with Riak Core

Track: Solution Track: Big Data, NoSQL / Time: Wednesday 13:50 - 14:50 / Location: Rutherford Room

Riak Core is the distributed systems foundation for the Riak distributed database and the Riak Search full-text indexing system. Riak Core provides a proven architecture and key functionality required to quickly build scalable, distributed applications. This talk will cover the origins of Riak Core, the abstractions and functionality it provides, and offer some guidance on building distributed systems.